Friday, November 8, 2013

We are back to blogging.  We were heartened by all the responses to our "underway" email as we pulled out of our slip.  Thanks, everyone.

Well, we backed out of our slip at 7:57 a.m. (on Nov 7th) and were finally underway, passing the "Red Oak Victory" at 8:15 and arriving and passing under the Golden Gate Bridge at 10:09a.m., marking our return to the ocean.  We motored to the bridge, then about 4 miles west, turned left, raised stay and Mizzzen sails in 15-18 knot winds on our starboard beam.  Quite comfortable 6 to 6.5 knots, still motor sailing.  Wind died and seas became sloppy, so the mizzen sail came down, the staysail providing a wind brake the remaining eight or so miles to Half Moon Bay.  

Dropped anchor in the outer harbor at 4:03 p.m. and straightend things out.  At 5:00, we took a look if any TV reception was to be had from our digital antenna...nada.  So we watched a movie with dinner.  

We had travelled 39.4 nautical miles in 8 hours, and that was just perfect for our first extended trip for over 13 months.  
We slept really well in the calm harbor and woke to pea soup fog.  Fortunately it burned away fairly early.  We've decided to stay here probably until Tuesday, when the weather will be more favorable to a southbound sailing vessel.  Forecast is for a couple of days of South/southwest winds.  It's good to be retired and nothing to rush us down the coast.....

 Backed out of our slip at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor
 Making sure we're headed in the right direction
 Law of Tonnage dictates we get out of the way!
 Wondering if we're going to clear under the bridge
 We clear the bridge...easy peasy!
 Shakedown's Bridge
 Good to be out in the Pacific again
 Sunrise in Half Moon Bay

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