Sunday, January 25, 2015

Twenty-five days in Mexico

Yes, we've managed to survive for some twenty-five days now at the Cruiseport Marina in Ensenada.  We haven't been doing a whole lot more than exploring the town, shopping for food, enjoying our new hangout, a place called Tequila's, watching some football, both off the boat and a couple of games on Mexican TV onboard Shakedown.  American football is a BIG deal here, apparently. 

We've managed to locate a Walmart closer to us, and although it has food (like a super Walmart in the U.S.), it is is much smaller that what we expected.  Of course there's a Walmart across the street from Costco that we didn't check out on our earlier trip, but we're not about take that walk again if we don't have to.  There are busses running up and down the main drags, so think we'll grab one of those next time.  Although, we have been offered use of a mini van, so we're sorely tempted.  Anyway, routine food shopping is done at the Calimax (grocery store) and the little liquor store close to the harbor.  Beer prices have been exactly the same, whether grocery store, liquor store or 7-11.  We've been getting Spanish "lessons" from a variety of local folks we meet and they have fun listening to us mangle their language.  But all of them are pleased that we're making the attempt.  We've decided to stay another month and then depart for points south around end of February/early March.  So without further adieu...our views so far from Ensenada....

Coming up the F-dock ramp looking towards town and the huge flag

portion of the marina

Restrooms, laundry, office area

Harbor Master and Cruisers' Loungs

Big on American Football

Hotel at the beginning of "Gringo Gulch"

One of the MANY eateries on Gringo Gulch

Ensenada Marina

The "boardwalk" in front of Ensanada Marina

The Plaza just inland of Ensenada Marina

Nancy thought some had left some presentos for her...
just advertisement for the corner gift wrapping shop

Nice church, but we didn't have time to stop in

Crossing the water-less river

Getting closer to the Cruisport harbor

Yes, if there's no bridge, they just drive across "the river"

What we found in our holiday cake...was only
supposed to be ONE baby....

Shakedown wedged between two large powerboats

Tequila's from the sidewalk

When Louie puts the horse out, it means Tequila's
is open for is made out of metal

Tequila's and sidewalk seating

Took a walk on road to San Diego....came to ramp to water...

We stopped did the we turned around

Heading back into town 

Cruise ship to the right

Welcome sign as we get closer to town

At the boat ready to visit with brother Vern

another shot of the marina from end of our our dock

Hal, Nancy, Vern, and Christina

Vern wishing he could punch his older brother...
he knows better, of course

Vern buys doesn't know what
to do with it....

And that's all for this update....we've both been under the weather for the past 6+ days, but are back in fine form.  Next week we both celebrate getting officially old (by government standards anyway).  Until next time!