Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Sneaks Up on Shakedown

Well, we've managed to "suffer"  through the Spring and are about to absorb Summer in San Diego...So instead of boring everbody with lots of alphabet soup, thought we'd just tack up some photos of "events" since the last post....

Taking a trip in the new dinghy past USS Midway enroute Coronado Bridge

Different view of San Diego as we continue heading East in San Diego Bay

Four miles later, theCoronado Bridge in view.  There is a mooring ball field here
 for boats to hang out on

Nancy surveys the area...we'll come back here another day to spend more time looking

Got a great deal on a couple of year-old kayaks in Mission Bay

Our neighbor, Chuck Masters, graciously providing the transportation

Kayaks safely onboard.  Have had them out a few time.  Good fun and great exercise

Dinghy is "hauled up" for bottom cleaning

Bought two new fishing rod holders.  Now we are serious about getting out there and catching fish!

Hal, Nancy and Bill Bettencourt (who Hal's not seen for 35-odd years) at a brewery 

This is the back of our washing machine

This is the top of our washing machine

This is the front of our washing machine.  Had to move machine about 100 times to get
access to the two dampers (shock absorbers) to replace them.  2-day job...

Birds are sometimes not too smart where they decide to build a nest.  Was rearranging
the Mizzen boom sail cover, when out dropped two eggs and a nest...

The nest.  Interesting combination of old fishin line, a couple of fish hooks still attached,
and lined with material found inside of ropes

NJ reading one of the monuments to Submarines and their crews  lost at sea during
WWII at Liberty Station (formerly the Naval Training Center San Diego)

The first USS SNOOK (SS-279) on Eternal Patrol.  Hal spent a couple of years as
crewmember aboard the second USS SNOOK (SSN-592) in the mid-'70s

Still at Liberty Station, although modified somewhat since Hal was here for basic
training ("Boot Camp") it provided a platform for some realistic hands-on flooding
and onboard fire-fighting skills

Back again, some 44 years later

Hopefully, if you click on the photo, it will become large enough to read.

Nancy decides to challenge "The Beast", her personal nemesis.  She finally
prevails and completes here first big job!

After many years of the ship's wheel being protected from the sun and weather by a windbreaker
jacket, it finally has a first-class cover, and the pleasure derived from making the cover
is obvious.

Cruising through the "hinterlands" of Shelter Island's harbor edges

NJ contemplates the beauty of a platter of shashimi before demolishing it.

Thus is the update from the last posting.  Didn't get any pictures that particular day, but the crew of Shakedown celebrated 13 years of marriage in May.  Looking back, we realized we've spent eight of those years living aboard Shakedown.  We took a look at last week's local Wooden Boat show, and this week's San Diego Boat Show.  We're looking forward to son Steven's arrival on July 1st, the "Big Bang" 4th of July extravanganza righ here on San Diego bay, and driving north towards the end of July to visit with family.  Summer got here yesterday, and we're looking forward to much more of this fantastic weather........