Thursday, March 30, 2017

La Cruz, Part III

Well, we've been busy, busy, busy, attempting to get the boat, and the crew, ready for a 2,700-plus nautical mile passage to the French Polynesia Islands before the end of this month (March).  Target date has slipped a couple of days to 29th, but that's simply to receive another paycheck and buy more food and other goodies for the trip.  Meanwhile, the projects, although fraught with complications, have come to fruition to some degree.  The lazy-boys got re-upholstered and brought back aboard Shakedown, even though we weren't QUITE finished with the fresh water tank/sole (floor) rebuild until about a week later.  

We can now see how much fresh water we have in each of the four 50-gallon tanks, which gives us the necessary information to how much water we have to make at any given time.  We are VERY jazzed about this!  The floor is done, the chairs are back in their respective places, we have access to all the (new) water tank valves (without having to move the lazy boys out of the way).  Life is good.  There are still a few projects remaining, but it's looking better all the time (as of this writing anyway).

We have managed to get around just a little (other than the necessary store trips for supplies, food, and repair parts).  The Malecon in downtown Puerto Vallarta is a must see (but only once) for the variety of weird stuff and wall-to-wall "gringos".  

Iguana in a tree eating flowers

Puerto Vallarta Malecon

With friends Eric and Pati (s/v Shearwater)

Spent a week in a downtown Puerto Vallarta hotel....just for the fun of it.

Ray and Sally Poorman

Well, we're sitting at the dock in Nuevo Vallarta awaiting the Port Captain's clearance processing so we can "legally" leave the country of Mexico.  We've enjoyed the past three months in La Cruz and are now looking forward to pointing the boat west and south for the next 20-25 days in open ocean, hopefully arriving on the island of Nuku Hiva in the French Polynesian island group called the Marquesas.  Until next time....Adios from Mexico!