Monday, November 11, 2013

A little time in Half Moon Bay

Nov 8th:  Started GENSET this morning to charged batts, heat water for showers, make ice.  Walker Bay over the side, had to apply WD-40 and a bit of screwdriver leverage technology to Honda Outboard to unscrew it from mounting rail.  Added grease to threads.  Lowered into dinghy and attached to transom.  Fired up on third pull!  Wind kicked up to 20-25 with gusts to 28 this afternoon.  Decided to test new anchor bridle rig.  Let out additional 50 ft. chain, attached chain hook, cleated 3/4” 3-strand nylong line to starboard cleat.  Let out a bit more chain to make line taught.  No more pressure on bow roller!  And we've got 150 feet of 3/8" chain out in 12 feet of water!   Nancy baked bread and rolls this afternoon....YUM!  Relaxed onboard rest of day.

Nov 9th:  Ran GENSET again this morning, and later this afternoon.  This morning, winds being calm and sun warming up the day, we climbed into the dink and made our way into Pillar Point Harbor to scope out services & stretch our legs.  Found the pumpout station and self service diesel pumps.  Found a wee crack in the line of dinghies and tied up to a doock giving us access to main work dock above.  Started our stroll towards “town”, and since we have zero TV reception from our digital antenna mounted on top of the Mizzen mast, we included a fact-finding mission in our walk to a) find out where we could watch the 49ers game tomorrow, b) if there was food available, and c) if they had appropriate refreshments.  We found several of such establishments, one being the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club.  We were met by Diedre, the Quartermaster, who graciously gave us a tour of the facilities.  We happened to be wearing some items of clothing with Bellingham Yacht Club emblazened thereon, and were immediately invited to this evening's Commodore Ball.  The Commo was hanging outdoor party lights in preparation the the event.  We politely declined, as we had left our formal evening wear in a plastic bag in a clothing recycling bin somewhere up north.  We were also invited to show up tomorrow for the game if we wished.   We thanked them and continued our journey.  We dropped in at the American Legion, who said they could accommodate us, but we'd probably have a better time at the establishment next door.  So we checked out that place and our decision was made.  We had a beer and probably the best fish & chips ever.  They had five screens, and they would be playing the 49ers game on all five.  We got back to the dink, took a quick tour of the outer harbor, took some pics of Shakedown at anchor, climbed back aboard, and parked the dinghy off the stern of the boat.  Had Spaghetti & Lasagne for dinner, and of course a movie.

Nov 10th:  Ran GENSET. Got showers this morning and made preparations to head into town to watch the game.  Got into the dink about 1100, wanted to get there early enough to get a good seat, and headed into the inner harbor where we parked dinghy and walked to the Old Princeton Landing/Silver Star Grill and Gallery (previously mentioned) to watch the game.  Got a great seat with view of all screens.  The place was pretty full by game time and there was progressively louder crowd noise.  At half time, ordered fish & chips again (couldn't resist).  Unfortunately, we lost by one point (10-9) in a hard fought defensive battle.  Finished our beers and headed back in the warm sunshine to the harbor, climbed into the dink and drove back to Shakedown.  Had opportunity to install new anti-siphon valve and new electric solenoid for the toilet flushing system.  The last of the Lasagne was consumed this evening.   

Nov 11: (oh, that's TODAY)...well, we did stuff today as well.  We needed to pump out, so put batteries in our FRS radios and practiced using them, since we hadn't in about 5 years.  Then we hoisted anchor with our "new" electric windlass (what fun!) and watched all 150 feet of chain come up without a hitch.  Had hooked up our deck washdown hose and was happy to do it.  Chain was muddy and by the time the anchor surfaced, it had at least 40 lbs. of mud caked to it.  Got it all washed off with the hose in about 20 minutes.  We then drove Shakedown over to the inner harbor fuel dock where there was located previously mentioned pump out station.  No need for details on that.  Also filled fresh watter tanks just for the heck of it, and while that evolution was taking place, "ran" up to the store and brought back some beer.  Having completed annoying, but important, tasks, we headed back to our anchorage location and dropped anchor once more.  Hopped into the dink and returned to the inner harbor for lunch at Ketch Joanna's place.  The sandwiches ordered were huge, so we just had to walk them off a bit afterwards.  Got to see a bit more of Half Moon Bay, the fishermen cleaning their fish, the seagulls (always the seagulls) eagerly awaiting any odd piece of fish that may accidentally fall off the fish cleaning station, the surfers (all two of them) with no surf to speak of, getting their boards out of the water, lugging them to their truck, covering them in their custom sleeping bags with zippers, but smiling the entire time.  Then it was back to the dink and back to Shakedown to prepare for our 5 a.m. departure tomorrow (Tuesday).  Four hours later, I'm writing this last entry before we quit for the evening.  With a helping hand from above, we'll be in Santa Cruz tomorrow.....nite nite...

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