Monday, November 14, 2016

Topolobampo and Copper Canyon

We left San Carlos after an evening of saying our goodbyes at Shots restaurant.  After about  three months there, we hauled up anchor and set sail south for Topolobampo.  After some 30 hours and 202 nautical miles, we tied up to the dock at Marina Palmira Monday, the 7th of November.  

Topolobampo appeard to us a quiet, sleepy (mostly) town of people engaged mainly in the fishing industry, having the largest population of fishing pangas we've ever seen.  The town also hosts a small commercial pier that provides for import and export of goods.

Since the marina sits very close to the main highway and a railway, we got to watch 18-wheelers and freight trains, laden with goods, come and go by us throughout our visit.

Clearing out of the bay at San Carlos

Sunrise outside of San Carlos

Sunset on our way south, smooth ride through the night.

Arrival at our new temporary parking spot at Marina Palmira

On our way from front gate to the Malecon

First view of the Malecon

Water view property across the street from the Malecon

Pangas fishing on the south side of the Malecon

We were quite surprised with the exercise equipment
staged along the Malecon

Nancy trying to drive somewhere

Something for the children to play on

More waterview property along the Malecon

And yet more

Nancy checking out the own-body-weight pull-up exercise

More Malecon

Almost at the end of the Malecon, this intersection of Malecon
and downtown

Our friends Ed and Lori had come to the Marina Palmira a day following our arrival.  They had been, briefly, our across-the-dock neighbors during our last days in San Carlos.  Our friendship goes back to Puerto Escondido where we'd spent last year's hurricane season.  

Our main goal of stopping here (besides a good rest), was to take the train to Copper Canyon (Barrancas Del Cobre).  So, on election day (both of us having previously voted by electronic means), we got up at 4:00 a.m., picked up a specially ordered taxi cab (thanks to Omar, marina manager) at 5:00 a.m, who whisked us to the train terminal in Los Mocis, where we bought round trip tickets for return the following day.  We boarded the train, it pushed off at 6:00 a.m, and we were on our way....the photos are pretty much self explanatory...we start with our train car...

Ordering breakfast

The views along the track

We found out who won

At the hotel and the balcony of our room

Jose, our excellent waiter for dinner and breakfast pauses
with Nancy for a photo op.

Hotel Lobby/Bar/Dining facility

Breakfast coming soon

Photos from our balcony

Outside the lobby/restaurant

Being welcomed as we were leaving

Nancy and local indian hand craft

Having returned from Copper Canyon, we decided to explore more of Topolobampo and the larger neighboring city of Los Mochis.  We visited the Friday farmer's market (again thanks to Omar for letting us know it was going on), took a bus trip to Los Mochis, where we, along with friends Ed and Lori (s/v Eileen May) to visit the Telcel office, the bank (ATM) and Walmart.  We had fun trying to find the right bus back to Topolobambo by walking through city center asking everybody for directions, and getting an equally number of different ways to go.  Luckily, we chanced upon a bus at a red light and managed to get on and back to our "homes".  We had a followup walk into town the next morning (Monday) and found a few food items we would need to bring on our impending trip south to Mazatlan early tomorrow morning. 

Beginning of the farmers' market

Downtown Topolobampo

This chicken (and chicks) did NOT cross the road...

Topolobampo-Los Michos highway

Nancy befriends local fisherman statue

The ramp down to our boat

The fuel dock, where we came to fill jerry cans with fuel

The fishing fleet

Our ride to Los Michos

Awaiting a bus back into city center (Walmart behind us)

While looking for the bus back to Topolobampo

Still getting directions

Still looking and asking


Found the bus!  We're on our way back now!

Almost out of Los Michos

Stopped for lunch at a small family-owned restaurant for lunch
in Topolobampo (Cochina Econonmica)



Bus depot in Topolobambo

Looking for a grocery store

More homes in Topolobampo

City center park and gazebo

Having a rest at the park

View from the Gazebo

Another view from the Gazebo

As of this writing, it appears that the weather, although not perfect, will allow us to have a fairly comfortable trip to Mazatlan beginning at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow (11/15).  We've had a great time here and wish to thank all the great people on the dock and especially the two Omar from the office.  They watched over us four like mother hens, and we really appreciated that.  We'll always have fond memories of this place called Topolobombo...