Saturday, January 18, 2014

To the end of the year 2013

12/10:  Shakedown got inspected by Harbor Police, we passed and were issued a 30-day Permit to anchor at the A9 Cruisers Anchorage. This permit is renewable for two more 30-day periods for maximum of 90 days.

12/11:  Took delivery of our new RO Systems SeaMaker 20 watermaker today!  It will take a bit of planning and installation, but we believe this will be one of the best investments we've made ($4K).  

12/12:  This morning we left the Police Transient Docks, maneuvered over to the pump-out station and relieved the holding tank of its contents.  Motored over to the Harbor Island Fuel Dock and topped off the port tank (33 gal) and filled all four jerry cans (20 gal).  We then headed over to the A9 “Cruisers” Anchorage, found a good spot and dropped anchor.  We met a sailor by the name of Jerid who was preparing his sailboat so his family could move 
aboard and then head off to New Zealand.  Dropped the Walker Bay dinghy in the water, attached Honda 2hp motor and oars and went for a ride to see if we could locate the dinghy dock.  We did, and it was just a bit crowded.  Upon return to Shakedown, we sat on the foredeck in our 49ers chairs and watched the sun go down.  Just before sunset, who should drive up in their dinghy but none other than Amanda & Keegan Hardesty-Dwyer from Marina Bay Hacht Harbor up in Richmond, CA!  We chatted for a little bit and they headed over to their sailboat, s/v Malabar. 

At the transient dock on Shelter Island (total 6 days)

Closing in on the A9 Cruiser's Anchorage

m/v Hornblower greeting our arrival...

Our view of San Diego from the new anchorage.

s/v Malabar crewed by Keegan & Amanda

12/13:  Ordered 6 new UB-GC2 6V house batteries to replace current battery bank.  Amanda, Keegan and Brenda dropped by this evening to visit.

12/14:  Brother Vern's house in Poway for the weekend to look at, and possibly fix, his driveway longterm parked truck.

12/16:  Son Steven arrived today from Maryland.  We met him at Lindburgh Field (SDiego Int'l Airport), after walking there from the dinghy dock.  Decided better to take Taxi back to the dock.  And as we were sitting in our chairs on the foredeck preparing for sunset, who should show up at the anchorage, but none other than Wade and Carla Bamer, our friends from Port Angeles, WA in their s/v Pelican Moon! 

s/v Pelican Moon rests quietly at anchor after their arrival.

12/18:  We all went to the Maritime Museum today.  It is conveniently close to us and provided many hours of entertainment.  Having served in three U.S. Submarines way back when, Hal was keenly interested in touring the Russian submarine.  Pretty shocked by how badly, relative to our subs, that the crews existed.  Very few amenities for the crew, even the skipper.  We also toured the USS DOLPHIN, a now retired research submarine...kind of small...the Star of India was a huge tall ship and was fun to see.  After we returned to Shakedown, we got our first pump out from Pepe Le Poo pumpout service.

Sunrise over downtown San Diego

The Dinghy Dock - opposite side is just as crowded

At the Maritime Museum


USS DOLPHIN Control Room 

HMS Surprise (of Captain & Commander fame) but it was closed for maintenance

The Soviet (Russian) Submarine 

Entering the Soviet Sub

Torpedo Room

Passageway just forward of Captain's stateroom (right)

The basic "Head".  At least the seat is varnished...much better.

"Down Periscope!"

One of 4 (or was it 5) doorways between compartments.  This is the ultimate "bendover"

Crew's sleeping quarters

Star of India

Main Deck on Star of India

One of the blocks on Star of India....huge!

 12/19:  Pulled the Honda EU2000 portable gas generator out of the Lazerette to provide electrical power to boat while I looked into a problem with our on-board diesel genset.  It was making a horrible noise and the techreps at Norpro (where I purchased genset) told me to pull rear cover off generator and tighten the center nut.  As with most boat related items, easier said than done.  Because I didn't have enough room to reach around back and get even a stubby screwdriver in there, had to “dismantle” the entire unit in order to pull it forward about 4 inches to get access.  Some hours later, discovered the nut did not need tightening at all.  Reassembled (or is it “remantled”?) the entire unit.  Started the genset to make sure it was put back together right, and having confirmed no leaks, etc., let it run.  Oddly enough, the noise subsided and disappeared the same way it had arrived!   Time for a beer.

12/20: Son Steven was picked up by a friend, Justine, who had driven down from the Camarillo area (about 2 hours north).  S/v Malabar (Keegan & Amanda) departed the A9 anchorage headed for Mexico.

12/21:  Hal gets haircut aboard Shakedown.  Nancy is indoctrinated into Barberdom.  Hal is officially bravest man on the planet!

12/22:  Steven and Hal take tour of USS Midway (CV-41) Museum (real close to the Maritime Museum).  Found and hung our Hammock for the first time since purchasing it about six years ago!  Got tested a few time at different weight classes.  Passed tests...we keep it.

Steve introduces us to USS Midway (CV 41) museum from flight deck

Up in the bridge/air traffic control tower some 80+ feet above sea level

View from the bridge across to Coronado Naval Air Station

Testing new hammock

Providing some color to the test...always need more pink!

Hammock making ultimate sacrifice and surviving....

12/23:  Went to Vern's house to watch Monday Night Football and stayed overnight.

12/24:  Came back to boat around noon.  Got things put together, Steven packed, got a good night's sleep.  NJ gets pearl earrings for Christmas, Steven gets $$$'s.  

12/25:  Christmas Day.  Vern picked us up at the dinghy dock.  Steven went with his suitcase as we plan to be there overnight and drive him to the airport for an early flight (0830 with 0730 check in).  Christmas dinner fabulous!  Prime Rib.

At Vern's home (back yard) in Poway on Christmas Day

Can Christmas Day be any nicer?  We can't complain....

12/28:  We found out from our friends/anchorage neighbors, Duane and Sandy about a farmer's market in downtown San Diego (every Saturday) and we decided to check it out.  Also found Little Italy part of town, and had lunch at The Waterfront together.  Made reservations to return tomorrow to watch football (Seahawks, Chargers and 49ers were all playing at same time).  

12/29:  Headed to "The Waterfront".  Duane & Sandy (Seattle fans), Vern & Christina (SDiego fans), Hal & NJ (49er fans) endured a loud crowd (also had Packers and Bears fans) but it was generally fun and food was good....and all our teams won!  Place was PACKED...real glad reservations were made.

12/30:  Did a little post-football day recovery today.  Took a walk to Ralphs and picked up needed groceries.  Kicked back and relaxed.

12/31:  New Years Eve aboard Shakedown.  Watched ball drop in New York on the TV.  NJ went to bed, having set alarm for 2330.  Hal stayed up in anticipation of a huge, fantastic, stupendous up-close-and-personal San Diego Bay fireworks extravaganza.  Fog bank rolled in about 2200, clearing up around quarter to midnight.  Clock struck 12 and deafening silence! The fireworks never happened...mumbled a few expletives, went to bed knowing the new year will know, stuff like new opportunities, warmer weather, etc., etc., and so on....  

Sunset viewed from Shakedown over Harbor Island