Sunday, March 9, 2014

America's Cup Harbor

The Shakedown Crew is once again visiting brother Vern at his house in Poway, so with great internet connection again, an opportunity for another update.  Actually, the only real news is that we've left the A9 Cruisers anchorage and are sub-letting a mooring ball in San Diego's America's Cup Harbor.  It's between Shelter Island and Harbor Island, and very well protected. 

America's Cup Harbor (we are almost in the middle)
The mooring actually has two attachment points, forward and aft.  It almost feels like we are tied to a dock.  We have access to two dinghy docks which are about 1/8 of a mile away in opposite directions.  Very convenient and reasonably priced.  We finally got over our sick days (Bronchitis for the both of us) and are enjoying the sunshine and mild weather.  We did finally get a winter "storm" which dumped a couple of inches of rain last weekend.  Back to normal winter weather with average temps of around 60-65.  

Returning from dinghy dock

Resting comfortably with stern facing the occasional rollers

Our neighbors in the next row out front of us

Opportunity to walk and get some exercise on Shelter Island

Nancy's Bakery churning out fresh bread and rolls!  Yummmm!

We are working on various projects that have been put on hold, and now we will probably remain in San Diego until the fall, and then head south.  Still got to get serious about learning some Spanish....until next time....