Friday, March 6, 2015

Time to say goodbye to Ensenada

    As we make final preparations to depart tomorrow morning for points south, thought we would update through this morning prior to shoving off from our dock.  

Yes, it's time to say goodbye to Ensenada. We've had a great visit and will miss the good times and friendly people.  

We visited Tequila's on Tuesday to say our farewells,

Louie (owner) doing the books

Angeles serving them up!
Nancy with her new Tequila's t-shirt

 and dinner at California's, a great place to have fish tacos and a pina colada for desert, to say adios.

After a great meal and company, we say goodbye to California's
Then on Wednesday, had a great dinner at Los Valeros (The Sailboat) with our new friends Eric and Patty Krilanovich on s/v Shearwater.  We expect we'll be seeing them further down the coast in the months to come.

Patty & Eric enjoy desert (pina coladas)
Mexican Combo

Chili Rellanos

Chicken Enchalada


We also said goodbye to the harbor staff, and especially Enrique, who was a fountain of knowledge and great assistance checking into the country, and getting our Zarpa (permission to leave Ensenada) yesterday. 

Enrique hard at work getting our Zarpa paperwork prepared

Enrique comes down to the boat to say bye bye to Nancy

We look forward to our upcoming journey south, and are excited about visiting many potential spots along the way before arriving in La Paz, Mexico sometime early next month. 

                                         And that's a wrap from Ensenada.  

P.S. If anyone is interested in following our whereabouts, our new Iridium GO! does satellite tracking of our vessel.  You can watch our progress on the following link: