Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Fiji Islands, Part II (December 2017)

Pearls galore
We spent the month of December attached to our mooring ball (#14), out and away from the marina dock and safely tucked between land and a large reef.  Even when the wind blew fairly strongly, the waters remained calm, with little more that 6-inch ripples tickling our hull.

Now that the engine was out of the boat, and the dismantling completed, it was time to take a road trip to the other side of the island and the city of Lambasa (third largest in Fiji) to look for engine parts to rebuild the lower end.  Turns out that number four piston was totally frozen and required a hydraulic press to free it.

Heading North out of town

Downtown Labasa...VERY crowded, mostly
Indian population

Free-range cow

A "watering hole" on the side of the road.  
Having stopped at some 20 auto parts stores, we came up with zip.  I was assured the search for piston rings, head gasket, and those type of things would continue.

Meanwhile, it was time for the kids to arrive for Christmas vacation!  Steven and Liz arrived at the Savusavu airport from Nandi airport on the big island (Viti Levu).

Debarking the aircraft

Reunion with Dad (the beard-less one)

Copra Shed marina and restaurants

If in need
Steve and milkshake(?)
Just kidding....
Hot springs in Savusavu

Anniversary at Kero Sun Resort, Savusavu

Lobby at Kero Sun Resort

Kero Sun Resort floating rooms

View from the room at Kero Sun Resort
Spent Christmas day at a local village.  Actually, the village was over an hour and a half away by pickup truck. The village name is NASASAIVUA, in the province of KUBULAU BUA.  We were invited to spend the day, which ended up being one of the highlights of our time in Fiji...
The village from the road

Rock overhang just inland from the beach

Snorkeling is a national pastime

The kids thought Liz was kool!

Making preparations to take this Panga back to Savusavu,
instead of the truck....after an hour, we ran out of fuel, floated
up on the beach, hitch-hiked to gas station....
"Island Time" converts back at Kero Sun

Aboard Shakedown

Christmas dinner at Surf and Turf
Chilling aboard Shakedown

Guess we like the lifestyle

The town market

More market

Market view from main street

The visit seemed, as always, too fast.  But we had fun, they got to see some new stuff, and we got to see them.  What a great year to finish up 2017!

A final look at downtown before the kids headed back to
the U.S.

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