Tuesday, December 20, 2016


We arrived in Mazatlan around 3:30 p.m. on Nov 16th, and made our way to our slip at the Isla Mazatlan Marina and Golden Resort.  We were very pleased with end-tie space, as it gave us plenty of room to dock, and will give us plenty of room to depart this rather shallow water (2-6 feet under the keel).  We plan on departing here this afternoon (if weather holds) and head further south, hopefully stopping by at Isla Isabela and Chacala on the way to La Cruz.  We will have a third crew member all the way to La Cruz/Puerto Vallerta, as son Steven is joining us for his vacation from the Baltimore area.  

We've had time to work on the boat, thankfully, and have some work done, like new "chaps" to protect the dinghy from further abuse by its driver and the UV from the sun.  Hopefully this investment will extend the life of the dinghy considerably.  We also managed a short trip to Concord, CA to be with Hal's parents as they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary!

Departing Topolobampo.  It was a long journey out the channel.

Out of the channel and on our way to Mazatlan

The sun set for Shakedown

Driving in the Dark

Sunrise brings a new day and we anticipate arrival at our destination

We can finally see our objective!  Land Ho!

Heading to the VERY small entrance to left end of photo

Our first sunset in Mazatlan

Half way on our first 3-mile hike in  the morning.  This is
overlooking El Cid Hotel's beach on the right

A look from inside of entry to the El Cid, Mazatlan, and
Isla Mazatlan marinas.  Dredging operations ongoing.

How to get somewhere, not so much how to get back though.

Isla Mazatlan marina (we are at far end)

The front gate (entry) to Isla Mazatlan Golden Resort & Marina

Where the road begins (cars, buses & taxis)

The Mall within easy walking distance.  Across the stree
is Walmart and Sam's club

Getting ready for Feliz Navidad 

In the mall.  Just happened there was this mural and the
little bee in middle of shopping floor

Our new friend Mike showing off his home brew.

Shakedown at our slip (end tie)

Walking towards a golf course, we came across this giant

Just another morning outing to get our exercies

Found an entry to the beach between hotels

The beach looking back towards the entry to marinas
(around the point and hard right hand turn)

Lori is pleased as we went out with them early one morning
to make sure all systems that s/v/ Eileen May had installed.

Skipper Ed manning the tiller

Nancy enjoying just looking out over the water

Returning from a successful

A Palmira that Nancy found on the sidewalk

A bus ride into "Central" (center) of town.  Here we saw
tables and tables of shrimp, crab, lobster and unknowns.

A peek at downtown

Another look at downtown

We found the central market.  It spanned an entire
city block!


Market butchers (there were a couple dozen or more)

Town square where you can get your shoes shined while
looking at the huge cathedral

Italy isn't the only place they have pidgeons in the square

The bus trip back to the marina

From the bus, a look over the malecon and out to sea.

Mexican football fans have a sense of humor as well

Another view of an early morning walk

The dinghy has new clothes.  These "chaps" should
last a long time.

Took the bus to the end of the line and ended up at
the commercial port of Mazatlan proper

Part of the port is for private vessels

Some of the recreational boats on mooring balls

The port also hosts a marine training facility

And a water purification plant

More of the port area

This used to be the Yacht Club.  We heard the Port Captain
shut down the facility some years back

Having lunch overlooking the port

A raised sidewalk on the other side of the street we
were walking on

We flew up to Tijuana and walked across the border to be met
by brother Vern and his fiance' Christina, on our way to the 60th
wedding anniversary of our (Vern & Hal's) parents.

A return trip to downtown

This time son Steven was with us.

The Market....again.

View from 2nd story restaurant on top of The Market

The excitement is overwheliming us


60th Anniversary Dinner (Dad, Mom, brother Vern)
Moms always have the last laugh
We are departing Mazatlan now (in about 10 minutes)....be back soon....

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