Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Still in Oceanside

Dec 2:    Woke up to quiet morning.  We were scheduled to depart today, but TV weather reports for the area (Oceanside to San Diego) were looking bleak.  Did some checking online and, yes indeed, there was nasty stuff heading our way (small craft and dangerous surf warnings issued).  Made decision to stay until the Wx calms down.  Decided to put sail covers on since we will be here awhile longer.  We hiked up to the Harbor Office and paid for four more nights, then took a walk to the Oceanside Pier.  Took pics of surfers, pelicans, and other interesting local landmarks (like “You Are Here” map).  After a nice visit at the pier, hiked back over to “our” grocery store and bought a few items we were running out of.  Got back to the boat in plenty of time for NJ to conjure up her pressure cooker version of Chicken Catch-a-Torry and once again watch the great sunset.  Brother Vern, along with niece Kylie drove over from Poway with goodies and a package from our mail forwarding service.  We wandered over to the Jolly Roger Restaurant & Lounge (about 25 yards off our stern) to watch Monday Night Football (49ers vs. Rams).  Had some good food & spirits at happy hour prices.  Vern & Kylie headed back to Poway late in the 4th quarter.  We actually left too, knowing the certain outcome of the game (Niners way ahead).  Back onboard it was already time for sleep.   (Note:  if anyone would like a full size version of any of the photos, please let us know by posting Comment) :)

The Welcome To Our Harbor sign

Our model showing off the berth

Blimp showed up to take our photographs (not)

Approaching Oceanside Pier

Mural along the way to the Pier

Arriving at the Pier

NJ phoning a friend in Florida

The sign is correct

We're not in Kansas anymore

Entrance to tunnel under railroad tracks

Dec 3:    Nothing but clouds this morning and a bit of a breeze.  Since the weather was moving in, we decided to stay in and do as little as possible.  Well, NJ started some laundry, we started a movie, NJ started baking Oma rolls, and the original plan of doing nothing somehow went up in a cloud of flour dust.  But it was a relaxing day, and during the early evening hours, we heard on the news that something like 14 drops of rain had fallen in the entirety of San Diego County.  It was a BIG deal here, apparently.  We watched a few more movies, had some of the Chicken comfort food, and decided to call it a night.

Watched 49ers game upstairs

Dec 4:   We had some fairly feisty wind during the night, but when one could see a massive amount of stars at 0345, got a fairly good feeling the forecasted rain event was over, and the noisly flapping tarp over the aft end wasn't needed.  Put on some sweats, released the lines holding the tarp, rolled it up, went back to bed.  Got up at 0735, started coffee, turned on phone.  Got a voicemail from Paul Flyr, so called back.  He was complaining about the cold and the frozen Port Angeles harbor.  NJ and I expressed our condolences, as the outside temp here, at that particular moment, was 63 degrees.... we took a different route to "our" grocery store and saw a few different things.  Came back via the beach and walked in the sand for about 1/2 mile.  Cookies baking, movie playing, laundry drying.  We'll be relaxing the rest of this day and looking for an even calmer tomorrow.  Now planning to depart Oceanside early Friday morning and arrive at our reserved slip (3 days) in San Diego at the Harbor Police transient docks, Shelter Island......

View from I-5 bridge 

Another view of Pier 

Copping a rest on the porch

More of the harbor from Eateries Warf

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  1. Great job with your blogging Guys. Seems like your weather has been generally benign, which makes us jealous......34F on the Richmond Riviera last night! Fair Winds.